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The story behind Mikuna is long and winding, but stay with us it has monkeys, rainforest, burger champs and festivals in it and, we’ll keep it short and cute;


We started out as a threesome (not THAT kind, the friendship kind) Line, Sigrid and Mette, we met in the Ecuadorian rainforest where we all worked at an animal rehabilitation center. This is where the rainforest and monkeys come in. We worked very hands-on, fostering orphaned animals, working with locals to build schools , guiding tourists, replanting forest and helping with the release projects. Cool times, we could go on for hours…..


We came back home, thinking that we wanted to do something to help the rainforest from here. Mette thought Aarhus needed a vegan cafe, and Mikuna was born. A very small take away joint/cafe in our city. 


We have to rewind to the rainforest for a second, because the name Mikuna comes from the local Quichua language and means food or meal.


Back to the cafe, we made classic cafe food, but vegan and we made burgers, loads of burgers,

in the cafe and on festivals around Denmark, actually we sold 10 of thousands and in 2018

we won BEST BURGER IN DENMARK, in competition with every burger in the country.


That’s when we decided to close the cafe, because timing is one of our strong suits!


Since then we made a cook book, products in retail and our own little poster shop.

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things we do

food products

Mikuna cooperating projects

the cookbook

Over the years we´ve combine tons of tasty recipes, then merged some of the best into a cookbook.

festivals & events

Sometimes we leave the food lab, to meet and serve hungry people.

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office & studio


Kongsvang allé 2 

8000 Aarhus C

cvr: 35654372

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