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eat vegan for FOX sake

We’re pretty damn serious about our little tag line: eat vegan for FOX sake. 


First of all, in the words of Billie Eilish

“Why would you eat animals when you could just eat some french fries?”.

Those words sum it up quite well.

We don’t want people to eat only french fries, but there is SO MUCH FOOD out there, no need for anyone to die for a nugget… seriously have you had vegan nuggets? They are exactly the same as the chicken version, except no one died, huge win win.

So, we (and the UN climate counsil and almost every single climate scientist in the world) know that there is no way to reach our climate goal without drastically lowering production of animals for food. Very simple, want to save the planet? You have to eat vegan for FOX sake.

But honestly, the most important reason for us to want to help people eat vegan is the animals, let’s stop the crazy and cruel industry that is animal agriculture.

Better today than tomorrow, right?

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