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We’re a vegan company

Everything done in the name of Mikuna is vegan, from the products we promote and the cleaning products used in our studio to the faux lamb skin on the day bed.



Our ultimate goal is to make vegan food, tastier, better and WAAAAY more accessible to the world

We’re Danish, but ever since we understood the alarming importance of vegan food to change the path of this planet, we have aimed for the whole world, everybody needs to get onboard.


We’re working to make the world a better place

The world would almost instantly become a better place for the animals in it, if we all went vegan, but for people, nature, future generations and ourselves the world will improve on every step in the vegan direction


We’re naive and proud of it.

We have been called naïve before, our reply is always “we know, thank you!”. If actually believing there’s a chance for this beautiful planet to survive, thrive, regrow and become more passionate is naïve, then we totally are.


We mean business

We’ve learnt from our years in the rainforest our time in the restaurant business and through working with vegan brands that this cannot be driven if we don’t board the capitalist train. Even if we’d love to start an eco-centric revolution, we’ll wait on that if it helps drive the vegan movement faster.

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