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You can always find us and our world famous, award winning burger at Roskilde and Northside festival. We love working at festivals, the music, the happy, drunk, wonderful crowd and working our butts off to make sure there is crazy good food to surprise the “meat eaters”. Festival cooking is insane, chefs always work hard, but the intensity of festival cooking is hardcore pirate cooking on a wobbly ship in a storm, everyone is drunk, blind on one eye, some have wooden legs and no one is the captain.


Once a customer came back for our burger and was very surprised when she realized it was vegan “OMG! My boyfriend ate 7 of your burgers, it’s the only thing he keeps eating here, and he doesn’t know its vegan, I can't wait to tell him!!”


Another time, because our logo is a fox (Which IS weird), we had four older men thinking they ate a burger with a fox patty :) 


We take it ALL as compliments.


We do larger events for special accessions, but you have to be rich, famous or both before we put on our apron and sharpen our knives.

Okay maybe if you have a really good thing going, we can come too, but ask us as soon as you know you’d like us to cook at your cool thing, OK?

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